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Black Soldier Fly farming is a highly profitable form of feed production for chicken, fish & pet animals.

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Who is this course for?

Black soldier fly farming can generate a revenue of RS. 30K per month in a 20 Sq. foot area by producing animal feed for 10kg a day.
First-time entrepreneurs who want to start a business
Experienced insect farmers who want to grow & market their business
Anyone with 20 sq ft of land who wants to generate upto Rs.30K.

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Course structure

  • Access to 10+ video lectures
  • Language: Hindi & Hinglish 


  • What is BSF? How it is different from other flies?
  • Interesting Facts about BSF
  • Benefits of BSF
  • Why entire world is excited about BSF?
  • Points to Ponder


  • BSF Eggs
  • BSF Larvae
  • BSF Prepupae
  • BSF Pupae
  • BSF Adult insect
  • Points to Ponder


  • Choosing location for BSF farm
  • Infrastructural Requirements
  • Basic Measurements and Design of a BSF farm
  • Approx costing
  • Points to Ponder


  • Understanding Flies breeding conditions
  • Different types of flies cage setups
  • Attractants details
  • Egg collection
  • Egg hatching setup
  • Dos and Donts
  • Required environmental conditions and how to maintain it.


  • Prepupae pond design
  • Suitable feed
  • Harvesting
  • Dos and Donts
  • Points to Ponder


  • Waste collection
  • Pest control on BSF
  • Human resources handling


  • What you save on feed for your poultry or aquaculture units?
  • What you earn as BSF Farmer?

Meet your Expert

Anupa Velusamy

Anupa worked as software engineer from HCL & later completed PGDM in Retail management from  BIT, Greater Noida, She had 2 years hands on experience on Accounting from Roman Associates, Singapore. After understanding the farming practice prevailed in Asia Pacific and scope of BSF in future, she finally in the year 2017, decided to return to India and became a BSF Farmer. With extensive research and understanding in BSF farming, started the company KovaiBSF in 2018.  KovaiBSF is now a pioneer firm to successfully engaged into commercial level BSF farming and trading in India.

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Black soldier fly farming is a very low – investment business opportunity that one can start easily by investing Rs. 15000 only. Given that BSF farm produce act as high-quality protein feed for biofloc fish farming & poultry farming, all the poultry and fish farming owners are advised to setup their own bsf farms

A black soldier Fly farm can be started within a small space of 10 by 10 sq.ft. You can set up a BSF farm in your backyard or terrace & sell its produce to nearby farms.

Black soldier fly farming is a new & upcoming business opportunity with high profitability margins. The primary market for BSF produce is to biofloc/fish farms & poultry farms, therefor your profitability can hover from about 20% to 40% in about 1 year of set up.


Protein is the costliest nutrient in aquafeed and poultry feed. With the rapid expansion of aquaculture and poultry farming, there is a growing demand for high quality protein in the feed. In the present Start-Up, the remarkable nutrient-recycling capacity of the Black Soldier Fly has been used to convert the organic waste to high quality protein in a short production time. For over a hundred million years, the fly species have been breaking down the waste material whilst providing food for fish, birds and animals higher up the food chain.
BSF larvae can work as decomposers.

Black Soldier Fly larvae break down organic waste and return nutrients to the soil, and are now being utilized for both macro agriculture management practices (due to their utility as decomposers of organic matter towards making agricultural land fertile) as well as the smaller component of agriculture management that precisely deals with feed management in animal husbandry.

Additionally, given the short lifespan of 6 weeks and immunity to most diseases, farming Black Soldier Flies is much easier than farming any other mealworm. Organic feed and feed components such as the black soldier fly larvae are experiencing exponentially growing demand, with a potential of reaping up to Rs.50,000 a month for the Black Soldier Fly larvae farmer.



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India's No.1 Black Soldier Fly Farming Course


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