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For an A-Z understanding of goat farming and learning everything, you need to start the goat farming business.

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Goat Farming Instructor - Deepak Patidar

Mr. Deepak Patidar

Chief Managing Director - Goatwala Farm

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This course is directed towards developing a sustainable Goat Sector all across India and offer the benefits of both sustainable livelihood and commercial gains to farmers. We will cover scientific goat farming techniques in a way that minimizes our investment and maximizes profits while keeping the goats healthy. We’ll also cover the different kinds of breeds, which ones are the most suitable for your area and budget, what kind of shelter you can build, what the feed and fodder should comprise and the general management of the farm

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  • Learn concept of Stall-fed goat farming, how to rear goats in shed and the right technique behind breed selection
  • Learn how to make sheds with scientific arrangements and at minimum cost
  • Learn about feeding practices towards improving goat health and maximizing returns
  • Learn about shed management to improve labor efficiency and reduce labor cost
  • Learn about health practices and schedules to minimize mortality and farm losses
  • Learn about the marketing strategy towards getting a better price in the market

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Course details

Begin your journey of a profitable goat farming business Today!
1.1 Why do Goat Farming?
1.2 Who can do Goat Farming?
1.3 Present scenario in India and its future prospects
1.4 Why goat farming is most satiable allied agriculture sector for small and marginal farmers
1.5 Comparison with other livestock industry (poultry/ Dairy/piggery) and benefits
1.6 Type of Goat farming
1.7 Comparison of all types of goat farming
1.8 Benefits of goat farming
1.9 Responsible factors for goat farming
1.10 Basic needs, unit size and economics of goat farming
2.1 Origin of Goat Farming
2.2 Purpose - milk/ meat/dual purpose
2.3 Identification marks and characteristics of different breeds
2.4 Market potential and demand of breeds
2.5 Goat Purchasing precaution, selection of a healthy & Productive breeding stock.
2.6 Determination of Age by teeth method
3.1 Goat Housing and basic Design
3.2 Shed orientation and directions
3.3 Space requirement of goats
3.4 Comparison between ground, elevated (above ground) & low cost housing
3.5 Drinkers and feeders for Goats
4.1 Green Fodder crops
4.2 Dry Fodder crops
4.3 Concentrate mixture, Importance, Contents, Formulation
4.4 Dietary requirement for different Breeds
4.5 Diet chart and feeding schedule of Goats
5.1 Age and identification of a mature goat
5.2 Goat Oestrous and Mating
5.3 Breeding Buck Selection
5.4 In-Breeding
5.5 Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer in Goats
5.6 Care of Pregnant Goat and Precautions
5.7 Normal Delivery of a Goat and care of a new born kid
5.8 Abortion, Dystocia, Kids management, Care of weaning kid, Rearing & Feeding
6.1 Bacterial diseases of goats, Symptoms, Treatment, and Caring
6.2 Viral Disease of goats. Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment
6.3 Internal & External parasite of goats & their control
6.4 Vaccination schedule, prophylactics & treatment precautions
7.1 Weighing
7.2 Soil Replacement and Lime Dusting
7.3 Hair cutting
7.4 Dipping & Spraying
7.5 Tagging
7.6 Dehorning
7.7 Hoof Trimming
7.8 Wound Dressing
7.9 Castration
7.10 Feeding and cleaning practices
8.1 Government Schemes
8.2 Bank Loan , Procedure ,Documentation, Subsidy
8.3 Insurance & Claim procedure
9.1 Breeding Purpose
9.2 Eid Bucks
9.3 Local Meat/Slaughter
9.4 Goat Milk
9.5 Ideal Goat project for a new entrepreneur
9.6 Economics and income

Meet your Expert

Goat Farming Instructor - Deepak Patidar
Chief Managing Director - Goatwala Farm
With a B.Sc. Agriculture from College of Agriculture, Indore, M.P. in 2000, Mr. Deepak Patidar ventured into the world of goat farming and has been active for over 20 years now. He has established Goatwala Farm in village Sundrel based on Intensive type of goat farming, with over 500 goats of different varieties including Indian Goat breeds like Sirohi, Jamunapari, Barbari, and Sojat. Besides goat farming, Mr. Deepak also ventured into organic farming and cultivation of all the cash crops (vegetables, grains, pulses , horticulture and other crops) and hence, has an excellent command in fodder crops cultivation and grass land development planning. He’s been lauded for his knowledge in the sphere of Artificial Insemination in goats and has had the honour of being part of many Goat training programs of Govt. Projects & NGO’s of India. He’s also signed an M.O.U. with M.P. Livestock corporation & poultry development for transfer of goat related technologies and practices to the farmers. He also has to his credit prestigious engagements like serving as the Vice President of the Goat and Sheep Farmer Welfare Association and being a Board Member at Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary university Jabalpur MP for a decade since 2009 till 2019. His vision is: To develop a sustainable Goat Sector, in Tribal areas for providing sustainable livelihood to small farmers. Introduce a new and innovative sector supporting agriculture industry that helps establish an organized goat industry in India. To develop a cooperative sector through which all the actual tribal/small /poor goat farmers can get the benefit of rearing and get the best price of their goats, and improve the genetic potential of the goats by advance breeding techniques and practices.

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Complete Goat Farming Course - Build Profitable Business

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