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Learn mushroom farming, with 10+ hours of video lectures & 6 Live consultation sessions with our expert.
First-time entrepreneurs who want to start a business
Experienced mushroom farmers who want to grow & market their business
Anyone with space of 10,000 sq ft & wants to generate income of Rs. 50K+

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Course structure

  • 6 live bi-weekly QnA sessions
  • Access to 10+ video lectures
  • Language: Hindi & Hinglish 
Introduction to Mushroom Farming


  • Overview of Mushrooms and Biology
  • Classification of mushrooms
  • Concept of Mushroom Biology
  • Mushroom Hunting
  • Mushroom Statics
Principle of Mushroom Cultivation & Production


  • Mushroom cultivation: both science and art
  • Differences in mushroom production pattern and type
  • World Mushroom market
Types of Mushrooms & cultivation


  • Types of Mushrooms
  • Selecting an acceptable Mushroom species
  • Basic raw material
  • Do and Don’ts before starting
  • Method of cultivation
  • Oyster Mushroom
  • Milky Mushrooms
  • Button Mushrooms
Mushroom Care and Handling


  • Mushroom diseases
  • Post-harvest Handling
  • Environmental Impact
Business & Marketing (Covered in LIVE classes)


  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • Packaging and storing
  • Prevention & Preservation
  • Business module of Mushrooms
Mushroom Farming FAQs


Q1. Why Mushroom Farming is a good idea?
Mushroom farming is hands-down one of the most profitable farming methods- mushroom cultivation can be done from your backyard, needs very little space and investment.
Mushroom cultivation in India is growing slowly and steadily as an income source. Through this course, you will learn how to grow and increase the cultivation of mushroom within a low budget

Q2. What are the different types of Mushrooms for doing mushroom farming in India?
There are different types of mushrooms in India- The button mushroom, the oyster mushroom and the paddy straw mushroom- these are the most common types of mushroom cultivation in India. All these mushrooms have a lot of applications in the commercial space and are grown in huge numbers across India. These mushrooms are usually grown in special beds which are called compost beds.

Q3. What is the investment required for Mushroom farming in India?
So what is the investment that is required for growing mushrooms in India. If you start a mushroom farming business on a small scale- you can start off with spends as low as Rs 10000- however, if you want to build on a large scale, mushroom farming can cost you as much as 1 lakh. – 10 lakh for an investment

Q4. What exactly is spawning in mushroom farming
Spawning is the process by which the sowing of the mushroom mycelium is done into the beds. These spawns can be easily got from certified national laboratories at a very economic price. Spawning can be executed in multiple ways – by scattering the compost on the bed surface in the tray or else by the mixing of the grain spawn with compost before filling the trays. After spawning, one must cover the trays with some paper. The sheet can then be easily sprinkled with some water to maintain the humidity or some water content.

Meet your Expert

Amit Prasad

CEO of Oorja Farms
Mr. Amit Prasad, our Mushroom farming expert, is an MBA graduate from IMT, he has 20+ years of experience working in senior positions with big corporate companies like Nerolac Paints and Airtel. A few years ago he decided to go to his hometown and start his mushroom farming business. In only a few years, he has now established a very successful business and even has a consumer brand of pasta and other food products located in uttrakhand. His wife is also a partner in his business. After setting up his own business, Amit now has more time for his family and more satisfaction with his career. He now wants to help incoming farmers who want to establish a mushroom business.

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2 months ago
(verified owner)

All sessions were good. PPT Presentation and lectures were useful.

2 months ago
Yogesh anant jadhav
(verified owner)

This course is absolutely good course and knowledgeable. I start my own farm Maharashtra ratnagiri....

2 months ago
Shishir Singh
(verified owner)

Very Informative, indeed help me to clear all the doubt for initiating mushroom farming.

2 months ago
Heena garg
(verified owner)

Very informative. Gained knowledge about __. Looking forward for new concept.

2 months ago
Rishab Jain
(verified owner)

This course is amazing,gives me adequate amount of knowledge to start farming and what's future of this? Thank you very much to amit sir and rocketskill to introduce this course.

3 months ago
(verified owner)

This course is nice but i think query section should be added and more practical video is required to better understand about course.

3 months ago
Surendra Singh
(verified owner)

Simple and real way of farming techniques for mushrooms

3 months ago
Manisha Rathore
(verified owner)

Good technique. Mushroom cultivation is better technique in agriculture.

3 months ago
(verified owner)

course is good but it can be better if the introduction and history part can be shorten as somethings are repeated twice or thrice. and need to add some more practical videos. And it should tell that from where one can get spawns and which company is good for that.

4 months ago
(verified owner)

well managed good and simple notes. great explanation

4 months ago
Rishabh Jain
(verified owner)

Feedback about mushroom farming course. This course is amazing,gives me adequate amount of knowledge to start farming and what's future of this? Thank you very much to amit sir and rocketskill to introduce this course.

4 months ago
Vikas patidar
(verified owner)

Bag folding. Kya hum bag ke muh ko rubber band se band nhi kr skte

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Bharat Ka No.1 Mushroom Farming Course - Best selling

1,499 499

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