PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana- Complete information and guidelines here.

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So there is a lot for us to learn about when it comes to the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojaana.

And here we will be giving you all the information that you need.


Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sammann Nidhi is a scheme by the Government of India under which the government provides the farmers with an income support of up to Rs. 6,000. The programme was announced by Piyush Goyal on February 1 st 2019, at the Interim Union Budget of India 2019. The scheme started in December 2019 and shall cost Rs. 75, 000 crore per
annum. The government promises to deposit the Rs. 6000 per
year, directly to the bank accounts of the farmers in 3 instalments.

The initiative was first implemented as the Rythu Bandhu scheme, by the Government of Telangana, under which the eligible farmers were given a certain amount each year. The scheme was so successful and well implemented that it received praises from several organisation, including World Bank. Keeping in mind the positive outcome of the scheme, the Government decided to relaunch it as a nationwide project. For the first year of the nationwide implementation (2018-2019), the Government
allocated Rs. 20,000 crore for the farmers. For the year 2019- 2020, the programme was reviewed and revised to provide assistance to almost 2 crore additional farmers. In February 2019, the programme was launched in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, by transferring the first instalment of the amount (Rs. 2,000) directly to the bank accounts of one crore farmers.

o Farmers from any state of the country are eligible under the
scheme, irrespective of their land size.
o A savings account or Jan-Dhan account is mandatory for
the farmers, since the amount will be directly transferred to
these accounts.
o Former or present MPs, MLAs, Mayors of Municipal
Corporations and Chairpersons of district panchayat are not
eligible under the schem

The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is a great initiative by the government that’ll provide the farmers of our country with the adequate financial aid that they require for nothing in return.

Not only is the scheme extremely efficient, but has also been implemented as efficiently and successfully. The transference of the money directly to the bank accounts of the farmers is convenient and hassle-free. If one wishes to check the status of the scheme and money, it can be done both online and
offline. Now we’ll talk about how one can do that.

HOW TO CHECK THE STATUS– Online and Offline

Checking ONLINE:

o The first step is to open the official website for the scheme:
o Look at ‘Farmers Corner’ on the homepage, and over there look for the beneficiary status
o At ‘Farmers Corner’ you can also register, check the beneficiary list, download the PMKISAN app, update Aadhar card details, and more.
o Once you click Beneficiary Status, a new window will open. Here you will either have to enter your Aadhar Number, Mobile number or Account number.
o The next step is to press the ‘Get Data’ button
o Your status will be visible on your screen now

Checking OFFLINE:

o In order to check the status of PM Kisan Yojana offline, one will have to visit the office of the agricultural department and meet the officer in charge.
o Farmers can also download the official app and continuously check the status and all other updates, quite easily and efficiently


This scheme is eligible for farmers who don’t pay income tax and have
an annual income of less than Rs. 10,000. The Rs. 6,000, given to the
farmers in instalments is a major benefit for them, that can help them get
rid of their unpaid dues and buy more products such as seeds. This
amount can be used by the beneficiaries for various purposes. The
guidelines of PMKSNY do not describe any usage restriction
11, 19, 474 farming families in Jammu and Kashmir have benefited from 
programme, according to government estimates, while 1,74,105 farmers 
in Meghalaya and 31, 16, 920 in Assam have earned the benefits.
The money can be used to pay off financial debts, buy better seeds and
invest in quality equipment. Especially in the years of calamities such as
floods, this money can help farmers and their families to great extents.
The money will help farmers to invest in better inputs, which will in turn
increase the final produce and harvest. The biggest benefit of this
scheme is the fact that farmers get the money without spending anything
from their pockets, since it is a completely government funded

A fresh initiative by the Indian government, this scheme is well thought and seems to be moving towards an even better implementation. The financial and other aids being provided to the people through this programme will help improve the quality and quantity of our farmers’ harvests each year. We often find the farmers of our country under immense financial debts and pressures. This is a step by the government towards growing into
and making a better future. The scheme is easy to apply for, and even easier to check the status of. An easy to navigate website is available for those who wish to check their status online, while an equally effective process is available for the farmers who wish to check the status offline and in person at the office. This shows that the programme has been designed by keeping our country’s farmers and their needs in mind. A great initiative by our
government, this opportunity should not be missed and all who can benefit from it should register as soon as possible!


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