About Us

Rocket Skills is the Edu-tech platform that seeks to make up-skilling through high quality online mentorship and structured online courses an incredibly accessible and affordable experience for anyone who aspires to start a business with a small investment. Our quest to deliver “high-quality, no-frills learning” to anybody with an internet connection is corroborated by the carefully curated list of experts who design and deliver courses with a precise, step-be-step learning approach and live video sessions for one-on-one Q&A and periodic discussions. We place special emphasis on creating a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs who’d come together in collaboration, knowledge sharing and result in a multitude of synergies, making the Indian MSME sector the gold standard in MSME industries across the globe. While we have begun with the Agriculture-Education sector, we have not limited ourselves to this space and are building something a wider audience can resonate with.

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