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Mr. Deepak Patidar, Goat farmer

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Learn goat farming, with 10+ hours of video lectures curated by an industry expert.
First-time entrepreneurs who want to start a business
Beginner goat farmers who want to grow & market their business
Anyone with land who wants to learn goat farming

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Course structure

  • Access to 10+ video lectures
  • Language: Hindi & Hinglish 


  • Why do Goat Farming?
  • Who can do Goat Farming?
  • Present scenario in India and its future
  • Why goat farming is most satiable allied agriculture sector for small and marginal farmers
  • Comparison with other livestock industry (poultry/ Dairy/piggery) and benefits
  • Type of Goat farming
  • Comparison of all types of goat farming
  • Benefits of goat farming
  • Basic needs, unit size and economics of goat farming 


  • Origin of Goat Farming 
  • Purpose – milk/ meat/dual purpose 
  • Identification marks and characteristics of different breeds 
  • Market potential and demand of breeds 
  • Goat Purchasing precaution, selection of a healthy & Productive breeding stock.
  • Determination of Age by teeth method 


  • Goat Housing and basic Design
  • Shed orientation and directions
  • Space requirement of goats
  • Comparison between ground, elevated (above ground) & low cost housing
  • Drinkers and feeders for Goats 


  • Green Fodder crops
  • Dry Fodder crops
  • Concentrate mixture, Importance, Contents,
  • Formulation
  • Dietary requirement for different Breeds
  • Diet chart and feeding schedule of Goats 


  • Age and identification of a mature goat
  • Goat Oestrous and Mating
  • Breeding Buck Selection
  • In-Breeding
  • Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer in Goats
  • Care of Pregnant Goat and Precautions
  • Normal Delivery of a Goat and care of a new born kid
  • Abortion, Dystocia, Kids management, Care of weaning kid, Rearing & Feeding 


  • Bacterial diseases of goats, Symptoms, Treatment, and Caring
  • Viral Disease of goats. Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment
  • Internal & External parasite of goats & their control 
  • Vaccination schedule, prophylactics & treatment precautions 


  • Weighing
  • Soil Replacement and Lime Dusting
  • Hair cutting
  • Dipping & Spraying
  • Tagging
  • Dehorning
  • Hoof Trimming
  • Wound Dressing
  • Castration
  • Feeding and cleaning practices


  • Government Schemes
  • Bank Loan, Procedure, Documentation, Subsidy
  • Insurance & Claim procedure 


  • Breeding Purpose
  • Eid Bucks
  • Local Meat/Slaughter
  • Goat Milk
  • Ideal Goat project for a new entrepreneur
  • Economics and income

Meet your Expert

Mr. Deepak Patidar, Goat farmer

CEO of Goatwala farm, B.Sc Agriculture
With a B.Sc. Agriculture from College of Agriculture, Indore, M.P. in 2000, Mr. Deepak Patidar ventured into the world of goat farming and has been active for over 20 years now. He has established Goatwala Farm in village Sundrel based on Intensive type of goat farming, with over 500 goats of different varieties. He also has to his credit prestigious engagements like serving as the Vice President of the Goat and Sheep Farmer Welfare Association and being a Board Member at Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary university Jabalpur MP for a decade since 2009 till 2019.

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Harsh Kumar
verified ownerverified owner

I would highly recommend everyone who is looking to start goat farm to take this course. It is very helpful and Mr. Deepak explains everything in detail

11 months ago
Aditya Dharmadhikari
verified ownerverified owner

Excellent. Very nicely explained with pratical videos

1 year ago
Sanidhya sontalia
verified ownerverified owner

Mr. Deepak has a lot of knwoledge and is very helpful. thank you rocketskills for getting this course & all the help

1 year ago
Razi Ahmad Siddiqui
verified ownerverified owner

Wonderful Experience and very nice video Specially about Health Management. I
like it and it will really enhance my knowledge and interest in Goat Farming.

1 year ago

Our impact


people started their own farms


farmers completed training


New Businesses started this year


farmers increased revenue by 3X


Anyone can start a farm of a minimum of 10 female and 1 male Goat (10 +1 ) units and the unit cost is approximately Rs. 90k (0.8K per goat) to start with the local breed and 1.25k with any good Indian improved indigenous breeds Like Sirohi, Barbarari, Beetal etc. and you can earn 40k and 90 k respectively in one year

Space requirement of Goats is 10 sq ft for shed and 20 sq. ft. for roaming area, for a unit of 10+1 Goats 500 sq ft space is sufficient.

Profit margins of goat farming are between 25% to 30% depending upon the growth of animal and other market-related factors as demand & competition. If the disease is better controlled and managed profit margins can rise up to 60% as well.

Various Government Scheme for Goat Farming are available under 50 % Subsidy under National Livestock Mission


Goat Farming has been done in India since times immemorial and that is testament to the fact that there always was and there always will be a market for goat farming in India. Further, goats are said to be some of the first animals to ever have been domesticated, which indicates the ease of goat farming as a business, given how easy to maintain and domesticate goats are. Aside from being one of the main meat-producing animals, goats are often referred to as  “poor man’s cow” due to how inexpensive they are as compared to cattle.

In areas that are excessively dry, goats happen to be an essential component as cattle like cows and buffaloes would not thrive in such farm systems. This is because goats are low maintenance and can survive on a wild shrub that grows even in dry regions devoid of much water. Milk, skin, hair, and meat, are some of the most popular reasons behind goat rearing in India. Goat meat is also referred to as “chevon” in culinary terms. Goat rearing is a highly profitable business. As stated above, goat farming or rearing is certainly not a recent practice in our country, but over recent years has gotten heavily in demand in terms of commerciality, among entrepreneurs, due to its good economic prospects, favorable market conditions, and easy accessibility.


The fact that the initial investment needed for starting a Goat farming business is pretty low makes goat farming an advantageous venture. The investment rates are low because the cost of goat maintenance is also pretty low largely due to their petite size and naturally calm demeanor. This also makes the housing and shedding requirements manageable. Problems around taming goats are relatively pretty less.

Goats attain sexual maturity at the age of merely 10-12 months. This can result in more breeding and given how short the gestation period for goats is, they start milking pretty soon too, that is, usually around the age of merely 16 or 17 months. It is a frequent feature for goats to birth twins, therefore, multiplication doesn’t really take too long.

The process of starting your own goat farm can be summed up in a few simple points:

1) Location: Though common goats generally survive in warm areas that are well-drained, certain points should be kept in mind while selecting the right location. The land must be spacious and suitable for the production of grass and other green crops as goats eat a lot of grass and this can reduce supplementary feeding costs as well.

A large spacious field will allow the animals to roam freely, it should be kept in mind that goats like to live in groups, that is why an individual pen will not be effective. Goats that are allowed to roam freely usually have better resistance to sickness and infection. Hence, an ideal location to set up your own goat farm should be spacious, clean, and easily accessible to a clean source of water and food source.

2) Breed selection: A breed should be chosen as per the purpose as there are breeds that produce more milk while there are others that grow quickly and will be more suitable for meat production. It must be noted that different types of breeds require different amounts of care and not all breeds are suited for commercial production. Some common goat varieties found in the southern region of the country include Malabari/ Tellicherry, Attappady, Sannen x Malabari cross-breeds, etc

3) Housing: For profitable commercial production, the pen must be kept clean and dry. It should be a well-designed barn or shed which is well lit and has proper ventilation but must be well protected from rain. Make sure that the shelter has a proper drainage system. This will be beneficial in proper cleaning. 

4) Care and management: It should be made sure that the goats are provided with a good portion of fresh grass, fiber, and  clean water to ensure proper growth. Take extra care of the breeding bucks, kids, and pregnant does. Keep the kids with their mother for several weeks after their birth. Make sure the goats get timely, proper vaccination for prevention against diseases such as goat pox, PPR, anthrax, etc. that are very harmful to the goats and appropriate veterinarian prescribed medication.

While doing this on a large scale may feel cumbersome to a newcomer, it is common sentiment across farmers that goat farming is one of the easiest livestock farming options they’ve ever taken up. Besides being commercially rewarding, goat rearing is said to be cathartic in its own way, given how friendly and sociable goats are.


It should be noted that the goat farming business, although actually rewarding, is a long-term business. It is a business that requires a proper business plan and information before going in and requires a  proper goat farming course or goat farming training.

To learn goat farming online from experts, you can enroll in our goat farming course and start your own commercial goat farm with Rocket Skills.

  • The online Goat Farming course at Rocket Skills is in-depth and well structured.
  • The course is designed by an expert in the field who has hands-on experience and industrial know-how, after having run his own successful goat farm.
  • Covering both practical and theoretical knowledge the course has a minimum of 10 plus hours of recorded content and is designed in a way that will enable the users to start their own agribusiness in commercial Goat Farming.
  • As mentioned before, our instructors are experts in their respective fields and have held many prestigious accolades. Moreover, the users get a chance to interact with these experts one on one and clear their doubts through live sessions.
  • Rocket Skills enables peer-to-peer learning by giving access to exclusive groups upon enrollment. Through these groups, the users can interact with like-minded people and learn from each other.
  • Rocket Skills is the best online training platform to start your online training from as our goat farming online training course is committed to steering the learner in the direction of an informed decision by understanding the important basics of the goat farming business.

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