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Who is this course for?

Anyone who is interested in starting their own commercial poultry farm.
Entrepreneurs who want to start a business
Experienced poultry farmers looking to expand their business
Land owners (5K Sq.ft.) who intends to earn a secondary income

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Course structure

  • Access to 10+ hours of video lectures
  • Language: Hindi


  • Overview of Poultry Farming
  • Farming System
  • Breeds, Varieties and Strains
  • Body System and Functions


  • Basics of Housing/Shed Construction
  • Housing System
  • Poultry Equipments


  • Incubation and Hatching
  • Management of Broiler Chicken
  • Management of Layer Chicken
  • Routine Management
  • Disease and their control


  • Energy and Protien Feedstuffs
  • Mineral and Vitamin Supplements
  • Feed Additives and Toxicants
  • Dietary Requirement
  • Feeding Methods


  • Project Formulation
  • Farm Record Keeping
  • Farm Economics
  • Processing and Marketing


  • Visit to Broiler farm
  • Visit to Layer farm
  • Visit to Brooder House
  • Visit to Grower House
  • Visit to Hatchery
  • Visit to Feed Mixing unit
  • Visit other Farms

Meet your Expert

Mr. Raja - Poultry Expert

Certified Poultry Farmer (IGNOU)
Mr. Raja is a certified poultry farmer having over 3+ years of experience & running poultry farms in Delhi. Before this, he was a Marketing & Communication Manager at a 5-star hotel in Delhi.   Currently, he owns the only Kadaknath farm in Central Delhi by the name RB Organic Farms dealing in Kadaknath meat and eggs, training people on Kadaknath farming & own one restaurant and cloud kitchen in Delhi/NCR. 

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Razi Ahmad Siddiqui
verified ownerverified owner

Wonderful Experience and very nice video Specially about Health Management. I
like it and it will really enhance my knowledge and interest in poultry Farming.

5 months ago
Harsh Kumar
verified ownerverified owner

I would highly recommend everyone who is looking to start poultry farm to take this course. It is very helpful and Mr. Raja explains everything in detail

5 months ago
Aditya Dharmadhikari
verified ownerverified owner

Excellent. Very nicely explained with pratical videos. Mr. Raja is amazing teacher and has lot of knowledge

6 months ago
Sanidhya sontalia
verified ownerverified owner

Best part about the Course are the live sessions that you get to interact with Mr. Raja sir.. Heis very helpful. thank you rocketskills for getting this course & all the help

6 months ago
Nikhil Shah
verified ownerverified owner

Mr. Raja & Rocketskills ka bahut shukriya yeh course banane ke liye, unki vahag se ab me apna khud ka egg farm shuru kar raha hun

6 months ago
Kunal tandon
verified ownerverified owner

Thank you Raja sir, your course has really helped start my own farm. aapke course bahut simple aur in-depth hai jisse mere jaise kaafi logo ki madad ho sakti hai. Live classes ke dwara mere saare doubts bhi clear hogaye, thank you Mr. Raja & Rocketskills for this course

7 months ago

Our impact


people started their own farms


farmers completed training


New Businesses started this year


farmers increased revenue by 3X


A poultry farm can start from your backyard with an investment of Rs 3000 in which you can get 50 desi chicken breed, feed them local homegrown vegetables and food waste (saving full money on feed), sell males for meat and females can provide eggs for  3 continuous years building a source of daily income & profitable venture

A poultry farm can be set up in a small room of 100 sq ft in your house or building or a kuchca 100 sq ft room in your backyard. Just remember each bird needs at least 1.2 sqft of space to live & grow.

In Poultry farming, if you market your product by yourself by keeping some investment aside for marketing and control feed cost, then, the profit margin can vary from 50% to 400% easily.

Yes, every state has its own scheme and subsidies for the poultry farming business. One needs to get in touch with the local governing. body to know more about the same. The best part is that the poultry business is tax-free in India.

Broiler farming, Layer farming, FFG Kuroiler chickens, and Rhode Island Red Chickens are some of the most used chickens for poultry farming. Even raising Kadaknath has become an upcoming trend in a lot of poultry farms across India.

Scope of Poultry Farming In India

The poultry industry, which provides a pocket-friendly source of animal protein, has taken a quantum leap in the last three decades, evolving from a near backyard practice to a venture of industrial promotion. Poultry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the agricultural sector in India today.

The poultry sector in India has undergone a huge paradigm shift in its structure and operation. Sizable investments inbreeding. Hatching, rearing, and processing play a huge role in this transformation. The industry has grown largely due to the initiative of private enterprise, minimal government intervention, and poultry processing centers. With the advent of the internet, one can even learn how to start their own poultry farming business with the help of online courses. The industry has created direct and indirect employment for 3 million people.

Getting Started with the Poultry farming business in India

Poultry farming is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable agri-businesses in the current Indian market scenario. Moreover, the poultry business is the best idea for those who want to pursue a successful agriculture-based business in India. Poultry farming is defined as ‘raising different types of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of meat, eggs, and feather production.

However, to run a lucrative poultry farming business, one requires proper knowledge and direction and this can be gained through poultry farming training from Rocket Skills.

A business in poultry farming has various benefits:

  • First and foremost, the initial investment necessary to start the business is not excessive. The company can start small and grow into something greater over time. 
  • It is a very profitable business that can provide job opportunities to many and provides entrepreneurship prospects to those looking for them.
  • In India, there is an enormous market for poultry products that will never go away. As a result, the business will continue to run smoothly.
  • For commercial production, high-end and good quality Indian as well foreign breeds of birds are available in the market.
  • Farmers can have easy access to bank loans to start poultry farming thanks to the different agricultural plans in place in the country.

Why Learn Poultry Farming With Rocket Skills?

Taking an online poultry farming training course can help acquaint the learner with the status and perspective of the Indian Poultry Industry and the advantages of rearing poultry. The learner can learn about various types of poultry farms and farming systems practiced in India.

The online poultry courses also introduce the different academic and development institutions involved in the training and extension activities in the poultry sector. Under the Rocket Skills roof, the courses designed are in-depth and well structured which cover both theoretical and practical aspects.

  • The online training course in poultry management is designed and taught by experts with hands-on industrial experience.
  • With 10 plus hours of recorded content, the online training courses are designed in such a manner that will enable the learner to start his/her own agribusiness upon completion.
  • The instructors at Rocket Skills are experienced individuals in the poultry farming fields and have held prestigious accolades in the past.
  • Through our online learning platform, the users get to interact and clear their doubts through live sessions, and after getting enrolled in the course the users can initiate peer-to-peer learning by getting access to exclusive groups.
  • The poultry farming course on Rocket Skills is online and is available in Hindi to provide a better understanding for the users.

Program Certificate

Your program certificate will include:

  • The signature of the instructor for legitimacy. Certification will be authorized by Rocket Skills for authenticity

  • A statement confirming the identity or learner & date of completion of course
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