Agriculture Tools – What You Need to Buy to Get Started

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The whole point behind mechanizing the farmlands was to reduce the amount of human effort and mettle it takes to indulge in the vocation of agriculture. While India happens to be a labor-intensive economy and not many farms rely on heavy machinery, there still are many tools and small machines that make it viable to do farming on a commercial scale without losing scale and profitability out to competitors. 

Agriculture tools

Moreover, a better knowledge of tools as to their availability in the market and the different usage opportunities that come with each of them can give farmers an advantage which could translate into increased yields, and as a result, increased incomes as well. Further, farming tools have been around since the inception of civilization and are extremely important as the crops and livestock would not be raised and cultivate properly if the same are absent.

30 Agriculture Tools for You To Use

  1. Tractor

When you go out to purchase a tractor for your agriculture farm, you should definitely consider getting a tractor that has enough horsepower or HP. Generally speaking, a small tractor that is suitable for a small to medium-sized farm should lie somewhere between 45 HP and 75 HP.

  1. Rake

A rake is a small farm tool that is made up of a pole-like handle and has a toothed crossbar or tines at the other end. It is used for manual plowing, drawing, cutting grass, or even leveling out loose soil in agriculture.

  1. Motocultor

Two-wheel tractors or walking tractors are the generic names of a monoculture and represent a single-axle tractor, which is basically a single axle tractor that is manually or self-powered and self-propelled, in which case it can pull and power various farm implements and machinery as an attachment to it.

  1. Shovel

A shovel is a tool that is shaped like a spade. It has a sharp broad blade made of metal and has upturned sides for facilitating a cupping effect for whatever is to be dug and transferred, usually land or soil. It is also used for moving coal or generally in mining.

  1. Escardilla

An escadrille is a tool that is used to cut through grass or pull it out of the ground in agriculture. It is often used for weeding or generally as an assisting tool for plowing or plowing any small patches of land.

  1. Machete

A machete is a sword-like, rather broad big knife-like tool that has multiple uses in agriculture farms. It is pretty much an all-in-one tool for small-scale farmers who wish to invest in only a few tools that serve them in multiple ways.

  1. Wheelbarrow

 You must have seen small carts used in mining or farming or even foraging in agriculture farms. These small carts are called wheelbarrows and can be used for moving soil, coal, feed, manure, or any other such thing from one part of the land to another with ease.

  1. Peak

A peak is from the hammer family having sharp ends of the gavel as the main operational parts of the tool and can pretty much be used for digging or seeding purposes in small patches of land or pots in agriculture farms.

  1. Plow

A plow or a plow can range from a hand plow which is entirely manual in nature and is used for plowing the land in agriculture farms. On a larger scale, the same can be attached to a farm truck or a farm plow can separately be purchased.

  1. Sprinkler

Both drip and sprinkler styles of irrigation are extremely effective to manage the right amount of water into the crops in agriculture farms. Sprinkler systems are particularly useful in fertilizer dispersal alongside water and can either be manual or automatic/ artificially controlled.

  1. Harrow

A harrow is a farm implement that has a heavy frame having teeth, blades, or tines attached to it in order to break up the clogged mud on plowed land and make it ready for seeding or for covering the seeds if they’ve already been dispersed. It can also be used for weeding in agriculture farms.

  1. Seeder & Fertilizer

As the name suggests, this is again a piece of relatively heavy farm machinery that is used for either dispersing seed into the plowed ground or for sprinkling fertilizer across the length and breadth of the agriculture farm.

  1. Farm wagon

A Farm Wagon is a piece of useful equipment for your nursery or even for your farm chores or greenhouse. It is particularly useful to transport plants around your agriculture farm or even to pull around the greenhouse to pick out flowers and vegetables or anything else that’s growing and needs to be harvested.

  1. Baler

Balers are farm implements that are used for recycling on agriculture farms. They’re often used to recycle whatever is not needed on the farm anymore and the baler chamber recycles these into hay or animal feed by breaking it down, thereby serving a dual purpose – haymaking and cleaning up the farm of what’s not needed anymore.

  1. Drones

Drones are a relatively recent innovation in the world of farming and are largely operated remotely using a device like a cell phone or remote control. They are useful for largescale seed dispersion or fertilizer sprinkling in agriculture farms.

  1. Farm Trucks

A farm truck is a special kind of truck that is designed and designated for agricultural use, and it can range from something as small and basic as a small pick-up truck or something as sophisticated or complex as a class 8 eighteen-wheeler truck, serving a range of purposes.

  1. Planter

A planter is a piece of special farm equipment that is attached to the back of a farm truck or tractor. It is used on farms with grain farming underway or anywhere there’s a precise need of sowing seeds in proper rows and columns so as to create crops that have even spaces between them and seeds are at metered gaps.

  1. Hay Rake

 An agricultural rake is used to collect hay that has been cut out or to collect straws. It is also used to aerate and fluff the hay so collected so as to expedite its drying process for it to be used however it needs to be used.

  1. Hand Sickle

A C-shaped tool, probably one of the most ancient ones to exist in the present day, a hand sickle is a harvesting tool that is used to cut out mature crops. The C-shaped blade is usually attached to a wooden handle to facilitate easy handling.

  1. Land Imprinter

A land imprinter is a piece of non-tilling equipment that is used for creating grass cover in deserts or arid areas. It largely is made of a metal roller and steel angles and is available in different sizes, shapes, and configurations, adaptable to different types and sizes of lands.

  1. Spade

A spade is a tool primarily for digging, comprising a blade – typically stunted and less curved than that of a shovel – and a long handle. Early spades were made of riven wood or of animal bones. After the art of metalworking was developed, spades were made with sharper tips of metal.

  1. Ax

An ax, just like a hand sickle, is one of the ancient farm equipment that is used to split, shape, and predominantly cut wood or harvest wood. It also has many other specialized and symbolic uses and it has a ceremonial value in some cultures as well.

  1. Pickaxe

A pickaxe has a T-shaped blade and is a hand tool that is used for prying. It has got a metalhead and a wooden neck and body. Often, this handle is made of fiber as well but it still remains a multipurpose hand tool that can be used on a farm.

  1. Hoe

A hoe is another ancient and multifunctional agricultural hand tool that is used to shape soil, oust weeds, and harvest root crops like potatoes.

  1. Brush Cutter

A brushcutter is a piece of electricity-powered agricultural equipment that is used to trim weeds and other foliage which may not otherwise be in the range of a mower. It has a range of blades that can be attached to it and hence its usage can be diversified. At the minimum, it consists of a power unit that is held close to the main body.

  1. Water Pump Machine

Water pumps are used for moving water and they have a pivotal role in agriculture as they help in irrigation, by getting water from the source to the farm. They can be used with drips, sprinklers, hoses, or other methods of irrigation as the need be.

  1. Tiller

A tiller, also known as a cultivator is used for tilling the land. It has huge metal frames with teeth that drag along the land of the farm to pierce it and form crevices in the soil.

  1. Sprayer

A sprayer is essentially any equipment, manual or electricity fuelled that is used to spray fertilizers, medicines, or any other such thing onto the farmland or crops that are growing.

  1. Fogging Machine

Fogging machines are widely used in order to emit fine droplets throughout the length and breadth of the farms in order to promote a disease-free environment, even in areas of thick shrubs and dense foliage.

  1. Portable Petrol Generator

A portable petrol generator is especially useful in farms that rely on electricity and receive a sporadic or unpredictable supply of the same. It comes in different sizes and capacities, measurable in watts. For perspective’s sake, an 800-watt gasoline generator lasts about three hours on a liter of fuel.

We hope this list helps you! Do drop in a text in the comments section below to let us know your thoughts. Cheers! Do check out our other blogs HERE!


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