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Abhinav Dobrial

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Who is this course for?

Learn Biofloc farming, with 10+ hours of video lectures curated by Industry expert.
First-time entrepreneurs who want to start a business
Experienced BioFloc farmers who want to grow & market their business
Anyone with space of 10,000 sq ft & wants to generate income of Rs. 50K+

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Course structure

  • Access to 50+ video lectures
  • Language: Hindi


  • What is aquaculture
  • Why do we raise fish and shrimp?
  • What is BFT ( Biofloc technology)
  • Basic types of Biofloc systems
  • Suitable culture species


  • Principle of Biofloc Technology (Basic)
  • Importance of probiotics in BFT
  • Carbon & Nitrogen ration and its application
  • Types of carbon sources


  • Physiochemical parameters
  • Ammonia dynamics
  • Algae uptake
  • Bacterial assimilation
  • Nitrification



  • Types of diseases
  • Control of each type of disease


  • Types of Tanks
  • List of components
  • How to setup a Biofloc Tank


  • Market status
  • Harvesting management
  • Complete economics
  • Government schemes


  • Benefits of Biofloc
  • Limitations of BFT


Q1. What is Biofloc fish farming? Is it the same as fish farming?

Biofloc is a type of Fish farming and a very profitable one at that. It is one of the most popular methods of fish farming in the globe now. Its popularity stems from its low cost. The principle of the biofloc fish farming technique is to recycle nutrients. The best part of Biofloc is that it helps in cleansing the culture water of the fish at the same time it gives it an additional source of feed. It is an extremely sustainable, effective and natural process of fish farming.

Q2. Can Biofloc help in cost saving & can it be profitable?

Biofloc fish farming is popular and has the potential of very high ROI, if done right. Through Biofloc Farming, one can cut all major costs and can thus lead to high savings.
Usual issues in traditional fish farming like high opex , high cost of vast lands, expensive processes of feeding, challenging work of disposal and discharge of the waste/ sludge will all not be problems AT ALL when you go in for a BIOFLOC.

Meet your Expert

Abhinav Dobrial

Biofloc Expert, Aquaculture Entrepreneur
Abhinav Dobrial quit his well-paid job as an Aeronautical Engineer in Indigo airlines & started his own farm back in 2011. He has built a profitable business in various fish culture’s is now regarded as one the most renowned and successful Biofloc fish farmers in India. He has a massive Biofloc Setup in NCR and has won many accolades nationally and internationally for the past 10 years.

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What Rocket Skills users are saying

Krishan sabarish vasireddy
verified ownerverified owner

Abhinav has done a great job imparting all his practical knowledge in detail so it's was very useful to me so far, so if you have any questions about if you should take the course or not then I felt it's a gud investment.

3 years ago
Manish Pratik
verified ownerverified owner

Very well presented with required explanations. Technicalities well explained. This course makes life much easier for BioFloc entrepreneurs. Must congratulate Mr Abhinav for his detailed research on the subject. Thanks Rocket Skills for bringing it to interested audience.

3 years ago
verified ownerverified owner

Justified the whole course of BFF.
Painstakingly prepared in-depth applied knowledge is highly appreciable for all those who ever wants to initiate an entrepreneurship with a new scientific concept.

3 years ago
Pritom Saha
verified ownerverified owner

Informative, easy to understand, highly recommend.
Abhinav has put this course together from his own experience which matters a lot; he has explained each point in a simple way which is easy to understand. Very informative and factual, this course will help me a lot to start my own farm with confidence; thank you Abhinav for sharing your experience with us!!

3 years ago
Sambit Nanda
verified ownerverified owner

I have just completed this course though I was doing biofloc farming for the last 2 months. This course helped me a lot as a new entrant to this system. I can say this is more than 90 % of what we required to do biofloc. Rest 10 % anyone can learn while doing it. Thanks, Abhinav and Rocketskills.

3 years ago
verified ownerverified owner

Wholesome and lucid explanation

3 years ago
Dipanjan Dasgupta
verified ownerverified owner

Loved the way the subject was taught. Beautifully explained by Abhinavji. It clearly shows the level of R&D he has done about biofloc fish farming.

3 years ago
verified ownerverified owner

Hi, First of all thanks for the detailed information and i am happy with the content.
I felt there should be one video regarding building a tank from scratch it will help to understand how should be pipeline setup. A timelaps video of tank setup will really help.

3 years ago
verified ownerverified owner

Wholesome and lucid explanation

3 years ago
Nikhil Nair
verified ownerverified owner

Decent content. But video overlaps the content of ppt. This is basic stuff.

3 years ago
zeeshan ansari
verified ownerverified owner

the way of explaining of abhinav sir is very unique and detailed.

3 years ago
verified ownerverified owner

In depth analysis Of BFT. Analytical approach... substantiated with experience and scientifically proven facts.

3 years ago

Our impact


people started their own farms


farmers completed training


New Businesses started this year


farmers increased revenue by 3X


Biofloc fish farming is one of the most affordable and simple agri-business that can be started with Rocket Skills’ exclusive starter kit including 1000 litre water capacity tank with an investment of just Rs.11,000.

Apart from Rocket skills’ exclusive kit, you can find 10K Litre water capacity tanks in the market & can start a slightly bigger farm from an initial investment of Rs.50000 to Rs.75000

One can start a biofloc fish farm in a small space, even within your home with our exclusive 1000 Litre water capacity tank producing 100 to 150 kgs of produce. 

1000 Lts capacity water Tank in biofloc will take up 5 X 5 sq.ft. of area & can be started up in your backyard/Terrace

Depending on the type of fish you are producing and the capacity of your water tank, you can expect to recover your costs of farm setup along with about 30% to 100% profit margin in the first year itself. 

This is gets better second year onwards with about 100 to 300% profit margins being a norm for biofloc farmers

In Biofloc fish farming, there is no requirement of license/permit/certificate to start biofloc fish farming even at a commercial scale.

Whereas in the case of subsidies, you can get up to 40% to 60% depending on what state the farmer is applying. 

There are 3 best fish produce which has the highest profit margins based on market demand & supply, them being:

  • Singhi
  • Pabda
  • Tengra

In our biofloc course, we train farmers in setting up the production of the above-mentioned fish cultures. 

Black Soldier fly farming forms the best form of high protein feed for fish cultures which can be setup on the same farm. It does not require a lot of investment or space. Learn more about BSF farming here.

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Best Selling Biofloc Fish Farming Course - Rated No.1


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