Rythu Bharosa- All That You Need To Know About Rythu Bharosa Credits

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What is Rythu Bharosa?

Rythu bharosa is a welfare scheme announced and implemented (on 15th October 2019) by the Andhra Pradesh government as a part of the 9 Navratna schemes introduced by them to the state.

Andhra Pradesh Government

The aim of the Rythu bharosa scheme is to provide financial assistance to farmers and their families, including tenant farmers. The financial aid is in the form of Rs. 13,500, for each family, per year. Out of this, the State Government pays Rs. 7000, while the remaining Rs. 6500 is paid by the Central Government. Along with the money, the government also promises free borewells and zero-interest loans to farmers who are eligible. The state assures that this money will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of the farmers.

The Rythu bharosa scheme will help farmers meet their annual investments, supporting them in increasing the crop yield and the overall productivity of the farm and the harvests. This scheme is extremely beneficial for all farmers and aims to empower them and their businesses. Not only will it improve their produce y and farming techniques, but also has the intention of improving their lifestyles. It is a tremendous initiative by the government that will only help the agriculture sector of the country to move forward and become stable, quickly but steadily!


  • The person applying should be a permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh
  • He should have at least 5 acres of cultivated land
  • Even those whose cultivations are on endowment/inam lands are qualified for the scheme
  • Farmers and their family members who have held the post as MPs, MLCs, Ministers, and MLAs, whether Ex or Present are excluded from the benefits of this scheme.


  • Provide financial aid to farmers
  • Boost the agricultural sector
  • To decrease a load of debt on farmers
  • To increase the overall quality and quantity of produce
  • Checking Status of Rythu Bharosa
  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of Rythu Bharosa’s official website
  • Step 2: Point to the main menu bar and click on ‘Payment Status’
  • Step 3:  In front of you, a new page will open. Add your 

Aadhar number and enter the Captcha code that appears on your computer

  • Step 4: Once you have put in the details, click on ‘Submit’ and your payment status should appear on the screen
  • Benefits to farmers

The Rythu bharosa scheme provides the farmers of Andhra Pradesh with countless benefits.

  • Farmers will be provided with zero-interest loans
Farmers benefitted from Rythu Bharosa
  • Each farmer family will receive Rs. 13,500 per year (Rs. 67,500 in 5 years) in the form of financial aid 
  • Rs. 2,500 will be given to tenant farmers
  • Free electricity will be provided to the farmers for 9 hours each day
  • Free borewell amenities will be provided
  • Road tax will not be charged for the farmers’ tractors
  • The government will create cold storage units all over the state
  • The farmer families will be given a life insurance cover of Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • The government will pay a premium of the insurance
  • All the irrigation projects remaining pending will be completed
  • News on Rythu Bharosa

In October 2020, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh said that over 50 lakh farmers will be credited with Rs 6,797 crore, directly to their bank accounts.

As of 2020, the first installment of the scheme- Rs. 3,713 crore was transferred directly to the bank accounts of the farmers in May (Rs 7500 per farmer). The second installment being given is Rs. 4000. The final and remaining installment of Rs. 2000 will be paid by January as well. The Chief Minister also said that Rs. 135.73 crores will also be given to 1.66 lakh farmers who have been severely affected by floods. He stated that this was the first time the government was paying the compensation in the same year as the floods happened since the previous government used to take a year to do this.

The CM also announced that the state has installed up to 10,600 Rhythu Bharosa Kendras that aim to provide farmers with good quality fertilizers and seeds and provide paddy harvesting machines to farmers. The government has also established borewells and motors that are free of cost to provide the farmers with an uninterrupted, continuous 9 hours power supply them. The Chief Minister also said that the government has paid the Rs. 8,655 crore that was due from the previous government and an additional Rs. 384 crore as seed subsidy.

  • Summing up

Rythu Bharosa is an excellent initiative by the Andhra Pradesh Government for the farmers of the state. The much-needed financial aid will help farmers get cleared of their monetary dues more quickly. The efforts being put by the government into making the scheme successful and efficient are commendable.

Not only does this program make farmers eligible for the money but also a number of other facilities that the government promises such as free borewells, new and complete irrigation systems, life insurance covers, and much more. Every resident farmer of the state of Andhra Pradesh should look out for the scheme and fully benefit from it. The many services provided by the government through this scheme are a boon for burden-ridden farmers, and others as well.

It will help boost the agricultural sector of the state and reduces the financial pressures on the farmers and their families by great amounts. In all, it’s an easy, efficient, well thought and well-implemented scheme that can be the foundation to a better agricultural future of the country and an improved lifestyle for the farmers and their families!


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