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Who is this course for?

Beekeeping is an upcoming business opportunity which can be started by anyone.
First-time entrepreneurs who want to start a business
Experienced dairy farmers looking to expand their business
Anyone with space of 5,000 sq ft & wants to earn a secondary income

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Course structure

  • 6 live weekly QnA sessions
  • Access to 10+ hours video lectures
  • Language: Hindi & Hinglish 
Introduction Beekeeping


  • Apiculture – Definition, Past, and Present
  • Bees and their economic importance
  • Pollination and Bee foraging plants Course 
Biology of Bees


  • Species of Bees
  • Morphology of Bees
  • Anatomy of Bees
Social Organization of Bees


  • Social Behaviour
  • Colony Organization
  • Life Cycle and Development
  • Caste Distinction
Beekeeping Equipment


  • ISI Type Hives
  • Langstroth Hives
  • Types of Beekeeping Equipment
Scientific Beekeeping Hi Tech Bee management


  • Seasonal Management
  • Brood Rearing Season or Growth Period
  • Honey Flow Season
  • Dearth Period or Lean Season
  • Bee Breeding or Queen Rearing
Bee Hive Products


  • Honey
  • Bee pollen
  • Propolis
  • Royal Jelly
  • Bee Venom
Honey Harvesting and Marketing


  • Production of Quality Honey
  • Processing and storage
  • Bottling and Packing
Value Addition of Honey


  • Honey Drink
  • Honey Jam
  • Honey Cakes
  • Honey Wine
  • Honey Vinegar
FAQs about Beekeeping

What is beekeeping? Why is it growing in popularity?

Beekeeping is actually one of the most prominent and oldest honey gathering techniques in the country. Honeybee agriculture is popular and growing because of its vast popularity in India and abroad.
Farmers not only are yielding a very sweet profit, but bee-keeping is also extremely helpful in increasing the productivity of agriculture by pollination. Honeybees can also produce pollen, bee-wax and something known as royal jelly, thus providing farmers with so many additional benefits. Farmers are more inclined towards the prospects of bee farming following the successive losses that traditionally grown crops see on a periodic basis. Honeybees can also be used as an extremely effective input agent for the increase of agricultural produce.

What are some tips to get started with a bee farm?

The very first step that must be taken in planning a beekeeping project is to get to understand the relationship between bee-human relationship you want to set up in your field.
Working with local beekeepers is definitely recommended, specifically if you have little to no experience of working with bees. Do be a keep observer and learned in the process of beekeeping management advice.
When you start to become more familiar with the local bee-human relationship, suggestions can be easily developed to implement enhanced techniques and then the creation of a perfect strategy for the use of equipment and where to sell hives
If you are just starting with bees, you can expect to operate in the region with very few people (1-2)

Meet your Expert

Anita Mohandas

Phd in Apiculture, Fulbright Fellow & M.D. at Bee Global
    Dr. Anita has been in bee-keeping industry for over 3 decades. She is currently the owner and M.D. of Bee Global,  honey company. Rocket Skills in collaboration with Dr. Anita has created a full course for any beekeeping enthusiast who wants to start their business.

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India's No.1 Beekeeping Course - Exclusive on RocketSkills

2,499 599

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