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Who is this course for?

Start your dairy business with less than Rs. 40,000 investment & earn upto 1 lac a month
First-time entrepreneurs who want to start a dairy business
Experienced dairy farmers looking to expand their business
Anyone with space of 10,000 sq ft & wants to earn a secondary income

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Course structure

  • 6 live (twice in a week) QnA sessions (Weekday included)
  • Access to 10+ hours video lectures
  • Language: Hindi & Hinglish 


  • Introduction
  • Present cattle dairy farming status
  • Potential of cattle dairy farming
  • Eligibility for cattle dairy farming
  • Course snapshot
  • Important topics


  • Importance of Site Selection in cattle dairy farming
  • Different types of housing
  • Importance of final layout
  • Principles of housing, Ideal housing method for Indian conditions
  • Housing for dry cows, lactating cows, new born calves, heifers and feed storage space


  • Selection of cows based on genetic traits, discuss different breeds also
  • Basic points to be considered while purchase of new cows, tests to be conducted before purchasing of cows
  • Importance of quarantine and SOP for quarantine of newly purchased cows


  • Vaccination schedule for cows
  • Deworming schedule for cows
  • Basic points to be considered while procurement, storage, vaccinating and deworming of cows.
  • Other general health preventive health care protocols
  • Zoonotic diseases, its spread and prevention.


  • Importance of fodder in cow diet.
  • Effect of inconsistency in fodder quality and supply
  • Silage making
  • Hay Making


  • Differentiate sick cow and normal cow based on physical symptoms
  • Importance of foot bath and twice a year hoof trimming
  • Basic points to be considered to improve hoof health
  • Ticks outbreak consequences and its control
  • Importance of biosecurity on dairy farm


  • Basic points to be considered in breeding of dairy cows
  • Identify cows in heat based on symptoms
  • Why we need artificial insemination and basic care to be taken while doing AI
  • What should be ideal calving interval and importance of keeping lower calving interval?
  • Importance of drying off and basic precautions to be taken at the time of drying off and in dry off period.
  • Importance of preparation of cow for lactation in close up period
  • Cares to be taken in calving and fresh period of cows


  •  Care to be taken immediately after birth, Importance of first colostrum
  •  Feeding schedule of calves till weaning period
  •  Vaccination and deworming schedule of new born calves
  •  Age based grouping of dairy calves and heifers
  •  Age group wise parameters to assess calf growth


  •  Basic equipment and machinery required in dairy farming
  •  Care to be taken while selecting equipment


  •  Importance of consistent timely milking
  •  Importance of milking sequence like predeep, stripping, wiping, milking and post deep
  •  Pre and post deep solution uses and its importance
  •  Prevention and control of mastitis, Importance of cleaning and hygiene on farm
  •  Importance of CIP (Cleaning In Process)
  •  Benefits of instant chilling of milk on MBRT
  •  Milk quality standards and its management


  •  Ideal farm size stages for commercial farm
  •  Commercial calculation of one model farm
  •  Importance of timely selling of nonperforming cows
  •  Waste management plan
  •  Managing summer heat stress


  •  List of basic mistakes in dairy farming and best remedies to overcome
  •  Importance of Record keeping

Meet your Expert

Sachin Dhamdhere

Bsc. Agriculture, 10 years of dairy farming
Mr. Sachin Dhamdhere is a farm manager by profession who has expertise in Feeding and Forage Management. He has been advising big large herd dairy farms like Happy Milk (Bangalore), SRC Farm (Kolkata) and many more as a subject matter expert. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from MPKV Rahuri and proceeded to get a certification from the prestigious Penn-state College of Agriculture.

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4 months ago
(verified owner)

Enjoyed the presentation, very lucidly presented, looking forward to next chapter. I an absolute city bred , trying to gain some agricultural knowledge, thank you!!

Final review, all chapters well presented, informative, and provides the groundwork to umderstanding and confidently start hydroponics farming,

5 months ago
Vaishakh Murali
(verified owner)

Knowledgeable, and good teacher

7 months ago
(verified owner)

The course is designed in a good way of easy understanding to any person interested in this field and the course fee is also very nominal. starting to ending the way of teaching and covering all the areas to do dairy farming easily.

8 months ago
Charu sharma
(verified owner)

My confidence for having my own dairy farm has increased to multiple folds

10 months ago
ÊMohit .
(verified owner)

very Good explanation about dairy farming, covered all the important topics regarding this technology . Thank you very much Sachin Sir.

11 months ago
(verified owner)

A very useful course for dairy farming business aspirants.

Our impact


people started their own farms


farmers completed training


New Businesses started this year


farmers increased revenue by 3X


Investment in dairy farming depends on the number of adult cows we would like to have on-farm. A rough calculation is around Rs. 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 per adult cow is required to set up a dairy farm. This includes cow cost, equipment cost, and infrastructure cost. This is excluding land costs.

Dairy farming is a land-intensive business that requires around 600 to 800 sq.ft. of land per adult cow. This includes space require for housing, feed storage, roads, milk room, and office.

Ideally it is suggested to start a dairy farm with 3-5 cows & then expand from their based on your revenue & business model

Given the slightly higher investment required & other variables of the region like labor costs, distance from market, mode of transportation & competition, profit margins for dairy farming vary are from 14% to 37%. This includes the cost of setup & front-end management.

Subsidies available for small-scale dairy farming is around 25% to 33%. You can learn more about the same from this link.

In terms of licensing – FSSAI Registration is a basic license required for all small-scale dairy farmers having 500 liters of milk per day.

Clean unadulterated liquid milk, Homemade ghee, Paneer, A2 liquid milk, vermicompost, Jeevamrut, PROAM etc are various commercial products that can be generated from dairy farms opening up more sources of revenues for farmers.

Cattle dairy farming,
Milk processing and milk product manufacturing,
Organic manure production etc are various agri-business a dairy farmer can venture into while maintaining a diversified source of income.

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No.1 Dairy Farming Course - RocketSkills Exclusive


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